Dec, 28, 2023

Vol.56 No.6

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  • The Korean Society of Surface Science and Engineering
  • Volume 56(3); 2023
  • Article


The Korean Society of Surface Science and Engineering 2023;56(3):185-191. Published online: Jun, 27, 2023


Study of plating layer composition and corrosion characteristics according to product type

  • Ha-Neul Kima, Min-Gyu Hongb, Byoung-Lok Janga,*
    aDepartment of Materials Processing and Engineering, Inha Manufacturing Innovation School, Incheon 21999, Republic of Korea bhiptech Co., Ltd., Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do 15611, Republic of Korea

The lifetime and corrosion resistance of the coating depends on its thickness and composition. We checked how the plating progressed according to the shape of the product to be plated. There was no significant difference in the composition or thickness of the plating according to the shape of the separately plated products. Samples of different shapes collected from products with complex shapes showed no significant difference in composition depending on the shape, but significant differences in thickness. This difference is due to the difference in applied current density depending on the shape of the product.

Keywords Plating; Etching; Corrosion; Zn-Ni Alloy; Microstructure.